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Why I Became a Therapist

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

When I was a teenager, the British Indie pop band, James, came out with the song, “Sit Down.” At the tender and daunting age of 12, their lyrics spoke to me.

Without having even the slightest idea then, the message in those lyrics would turn out to be the very reason I became a therapist.  Since the entire lyrics are too long to list, I’ve shortened and highlighted my favorite lines…

I sing myself to sleep

A song from the darkest hour

Secrets I can't keep

In sight of the day

Swing from high to deep…

Drawn by the undertow

My life is out of control...

It's hard to carry on

When you feel all alone...

Oh sit down

Sit down next to me

Sit down 

In sympathy

Those who feel the breath of sadness

Sit down next to me

Those who find they're touched by madness

Sit down next to me

Those who find themselves ridiculous

Sit down next to me

In love, in fear, in hate, in tears…

Oh sit down…

Sit down next to me

So simple, right? Sitting down next to each other, however we are feeling, and just being present for the other person. More and more research these days supports the theory that the major issues facing our society-addiction, depression and anxiety- are related to our lack of connection to one another. 

Most of us know, as mothers and fathers, as partners and spouses, as daughters and sons, as sisters and brothers, as co-workers and bosses, as students and youth, there is plenty of challenge, uncertainty, pain (physical and emotional), injustice and anxiety facing us.

One of the best gifts we can give each is within reach of us all. Connection…That sense that none of us is alone as we search for safety, self-acceptance, and happiness. 

My mission as a therapist is to sit down with you, in whatever state you are in, and work together to understand the way that your thoughts, experiences, feelings, or whatever is going on for you, may be holding you down or holding you back… to be a mirror that shows you all the potential, capacity, and hope that exists within yourself and your life. 

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