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Many spaces in our lives require us to be strong, put together, and confident in ourselves. Rarely is there a space to explore ourselves exactly as we are in the present moment.


Therapy offers a space to sit and be...There is no right or wrong way of being in or showing up to therapy. It is a space in which the depths of our emotions and needs can be felt, expressed, and better understood. 


An approach of curiosity, rather than judgment or labeling, will help identify the behavior or thought patterns that may be hindering your ability to reach peace, stability and joy.  The answers reveal themselves as you do the work of being as and who you are.

I welcome anyone who is curious to explore more about therapy and how to engage with therapy in their life.


  • Individual therapy for adults and adolescents

  • Family therapy

Fee Structure and Insurance  

My rate is $180 for a 50 minute individual therapy session and $200 for a 50 minute family session. 


I am a provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance. I ask that potential new clients confirm the conditions of their plan, such as co-pay and number of sessions covered, prior to the first session. 

If you have insurance other than Blue Cross Blue Shield, I can provide a monthly statement that can be used for purposes of reimbursement with your insurance provider.  Prior to beginning sessions, I recommend that clients consult with their insurance carrier to determine if reimbursement is offered under their plan.


Contact Me

You can reach me by email or by phone to schedule an appointment. I will get back to you within 48 hours, Monday through Friday.  

188 Charlotte St.

Suite 1

Asheville NC 28801

828 424 5160

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